Visualizations  - Stuart Diamond's original visualizations to his music.  


Artwork and Text - Mar
ko Pogacnik

Video and Visualization - Stuart Diamond

Music - Ruth Cunningham & Stuart Diamond

SYRYNX was inspired by the 2015 super "blood" moon. Set to an electronic work from the 1980's.  

Video and Music by Stuart Diamond

SUCCUBUS - Music and Video by Stuart Diamond; 

Karen Bentley Pollick - Violin; Kerry Walsh - Soprano; Engineer - Kurt Kuwasaki

SIRENS: 4 improvisations by Electric Diamond 

Stuart Diamond, Video and Lyricon Wind Synthesizer,Don Slepian, Electronic Keyboard 


BAROQUE FANTASY -  Music and Video by Stuart Diamond; Karen Bentley - Violin; Audio Engineer and Video Taping - Sam McGuire.

In Three Movements. The Version above is from a live performance in Seattle in November 2012 

Telling Tales

Video and Music  by Stuart Diamond Karen Bentley Pollick - Violin Jonathan Salzedo - Harpsichord 

1. Pre Ambling, 2. Magic Mandarin, 3.Lone Some, 4. Tango Tails, 5. Summer Ice, 6. Jacks to Jumping, 7. Music for a Rainy Afternoon

"Beauty Beast" is a work in progress.  Originally premiered live by the Electric Diamond Ensemble in 1980, "Beauty Beast" was scored for Soprano (Sally Jo Anderson as Beauty), Lyricon Wind Synthesizer, two keyboards, and percussion. The work was presented at Carnegie Recital Hall, Symphony Space and several new music venues in New York.  
FIVE BAGATELLES for solo instruments, electronics and video

1. Sideways, 2. Sequences, 
3. Koperian, 4. Patterns,  5. WolfSong

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