Animated Tales

An electronic music and video re- rendering with for Alexis Sanborn's  Season by Season  podcast

Concert Version

Telling Tales for violin and harpsichord (1975 - 2013)

Karen Bentley Pollick - Violin, Jonathan Salzedo - Harpsichord

1. Pre Ambling
Andante or So
3. Magic Mandarin
4. Sprightly
5. Lone Some
6. With a wistful sadness
7. Tango Tails - With a rose firmly clenched between teeth
8. Summer Ice - A hazy summer waltz
9. Jacks to Jumping - Con Vivaciness
10. Music for a Rainy Afternoon - A thought reflecting after itself

Telling Tales had its origins decades ago, when I was working on a series of children's projects. The individual pieces have coalesced into a suite for flute and harpsichord. Though the details are only fragments of memory at this point, I do recall that the melodies were drawn from several sources including a record project, commercials, and if I am not mistaken, a song for a lovely young, yet mysterious woman. These days I often revisit early works, reworking the material to see how they might sound if they were written more recently. So Telling Tales for violin and harpsichord is the 2013ish take on music from the 1970s. (Stuart Diamond)

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